Invented in 1942, the aqua-lung is the original name for open circuit SCUBA gear. While it has become one of the most popular, it is not the first. There have been other forms of breathing apparatus, most notably made for firemen so they could breathe while in a building currently on fire.

The aqua-lung has become somewhat synonymous with regulators used within SCUBA gear. Or, the demand regular used in all modern scuba gear.

Today, Aqua-lung is a brand name and company that sells scuba gear. It is a well known and reputable company that is known for quality and well made parts. They invite you to visit their site and browse their products. You will see that they are the best looking and some of the best on the market.

If you are looking to get into scuba, this gear might not be the best for a beginner. You may want to start with cheaper gear and learn how to use it correctly first. Then, when you are more experienced, get yourself some really good stuff at aqua-lung.

Once you have enough experience, definitely look into getting yourself some better gear. Or, why not make your way down to Cozumel and rent some! If you already have your own, that’s ok too. We’ll take you along with us and you can use your stuff. It’s highly suggested that you book a week long stay so you can really enjoy all that┬ádiving in Cozumel has to offer.

Don’t forget to stop at our stores, we have tons of brands and styles in stock!


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