Scuba diving is one of the major sources of adrenalin rush for many adventure loving people. It can be fun but one must ensure to have all the necessary Scuba Diving gears before plunging in the water. These gears are discussed as follows:

1. Mask:
The masks can either be rented or bought personally. However, while getting a mask, one must make sure that it fits the size of the face perfectly to avoid difficulty under water. A correctly fitted mask gives proper view inside and helps in comfortable breathing.

2. Fins:

The fin sizes are dependent on the size of the feet of a person. These help in better movement under water. The style and stiffness of the fin can vary according to the need or choice of the diver.

3. Dry suit/ Wetsuit:

The dry suit or wetsuit is used to keep the body of the diver warm. However, one is always suggested to use his or her own dry suit or wetsuit rather than getting those on rest for hygiene purpose because the earlier divers may have urinated under water wearing the same.

4. Buoyancy Compensator:

As the name suggests, this Scuba Diving gear helps in maintaining correct buoyancy under water for a better diving experience. However, these Buoyancy Compensators are expensive and bulky so generally people prefer to get these on rent rather than buying.

5. Tanks:

These tanks are properly tested before using since the gas inside is of utmost importance for the well being of the diver.

6. Weights:

These help the diver to settle under water without much hassle so that they can enjoy their dive the most.

7. Accessories:

A lot of accessories are carried by the diver to avoid unpredictable problems under water. The common accessories used by the divers are diving knives, whistles, surface markers, under water lights, tank bangers and many others.


Other than these, the list of Scuba Diving gear also includes dive computes, regulator, re-breather, etc.




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